yapang story

We remember and respect the Ancestors who cared for and nurtured this Country.

Dhumaan ngayin ngarrakalu kirraanan barayidin

It is in their footsteps that we travel these lands and waters.

Ngarrakalumba yuludaka bibayilin barayida baaduka

Lake Macquarie City Council acknowledges Awabakal Peoples and Elders past, present and future.

Lake Macquarie City Council dhumaan Awabakala ngarrakal yalawaa, yalawan, yalawanan

Wording developed by the Aboriginal Reference Group and translated by Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre.

Installation view we: wiyelliko featuring artwork by (L-R): Christian Thompson, Nicole Monks, Lin Onus and Nicole Chaffey. A yapang project at Museum of Art and Culture, Lake Macquarie.

The word yapang (pronounced yah/pung) in Awabakal language means journey or pathway and is the name given by the Aboriginal Reference Group to a new dedicated First Peoples program within MAC.

yapang is one of the only dedicated First Peoples arts programs in a local government arts facility, and is an innovative extension of MAC’s exemplary 20-year partnership with the Aboriginal Reference Group, resulting in award-winning exhibition and engagement projects addressing political and cultural issues such as the Stolen Generations, Mission life, Frontier Wars, possum skin cloaks, stencil art, connections to Country and bark canoes.

The program features exhibitions, artists’ projects, collection strategies, indoor and outdoor events, public and education programs, skills development and mentorship initiatives. It is developed with the Aboriginal Reference Group and guided by the yapang Consultation, Governance and Programming Framework to engage artists and community while connecting audiences with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts programming.

yapang was launched with we: wiyelliko as part of MAC’s reopening and rebrand, and it now means you, as our community, will always be able to view contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and participate in related programming throughout the year.

Our journey continues…..

yapang Consultation Governance and Programming Framework