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Enjoy art from the comfort of home with our online creative drawing and painting activities. 

These activities are designed for students as well as adults.

Download the activity sheets below and create your artwork today. Be sure to share your creations with us on Instagram via @themacmuseum.

Paper People Pledge

As part of the Big Draw Festival 2021 the Museum of Art and Culture yapang is creating a community art installation and you are invited to help make it grow.

The Big Draw is a worldwide celebration of drawing that promotes the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression, and invention. This year the theme is: Make the Change.

Join in this exciting event by decorating your own 'paper people' and making a pledge to help make a positive environmental or social change in the world.

Please see the resources below to learn how to make your paper people and become involved in MAC yapang's community art installation.

Resource - Paper People activity sheet(PDF, 206KB) (PDF, 220KB)

Resource - Paper People Pledge printable template(PDF, 111KB)

Resource - Paper People Pledge guide for Teachers(PDF, 125KB) (PDF, 377KB)

Expressive Heads with artist Peter Lankas

Draw freely and expressively, to create expressive portraits, you cannot do anything wrong.

Abstract En plein Air Landscape Painting with artist Michelle Teear

En plein air is a french expression that means ‘in the open air.’ it is used by artists to describe the art of outdoor painting, capturing landscapes and views in natural light.

Land Art Activity

Explore how artists use the natural environment to make artworks. Learn some common terminology and techniques before creating your very own artwork.