Expressions of Interest

Expression of Interest

The Museum of Art and Culture, yapang (MAC yapang) welcomes expressions of interest for exhibitions that are scheduled from 8-20 months in advance.

A large number of applications have been received, all of which cannot be accommodated. We are currently programming for late 2024 into early 2025 and reviewing our online application process.

All existing proposals received prior to January 2023 will be reviewed by 31 March, and applicants will be advised of the outcome in the following week.

The Museum of Art and Culture will be accepting all new proposals from April 2023. Other exhibition options include Art in Your Community and Launch Pad.

We aim to provide a high quality and balanced program. MAC yapang is committed to supporting First Nations and Hunter-based artists and fosters insightful contemporary art.

We highly consider proposals with:

  • High quality artwork
  • Sound curatorial rationale and appropriate research
  • Innovative themes or artwork
  • Acknowledgment of Awabakal culture and the cultural diversity in the region
  • A contribution to the search and interpretation of the art museum’s collection;
  • The ability to Increase public awareness of the visual arts through education and/or interpretation areas
  • An appropriate scale for the space
  •  Can be achieved with safely and with appropriate risk management

A large number of applications are received, all of which cannot be accommodated. Other exhibition options including Art in Your Community and Launch Pad. To stay up-to-date with arts opportunities sign-up for Creative Lake.

How to apply

Send a PDF proposal of no more than 5 pages to [email protected] including:

Summary Text

  • A clear rationale for the proposed exhibition 200 - 500 words;
  • A list of all artists and any other individuals and groups to be involved in the exhibition;
  • A brief artist bio for each person involved in the exhibition.


  • A selection of digital images of the work to be exhibited. If the work to be exhibited is not yet complete, a selection of images representative of the artist(s) practice should be included. Digital image attachments are preferred. Additional options also include file transfers or mailed CD.
  • Submitted images must be a selection from all artists involved in the proposed exhibition and must be relatively current.
  • Your application must include the following information for each image:
    • Title
    • Date
    • Medium (i.e. painting, installation, photography
    • Media (i.e. materials – acrylic on canvas)
    • Size (height x width x depth)


The Exhibition Committee meets at least twice per year (May and November). Exhibitions are often scheduled 8 - 20 months in advance. The Exhibition Committee’s decision is final and will be communicated in writing within seven days of the committee meeting.

Image: Artists from the Creator Incubator were featured in the exhibition 'Headquarters'.