For Ages 2-8. We have developed ARTSPACE@HOME so you and your young ones can engage with art and be inspired to make art.

Creativity and sustainability is key for our online art projects. We have created activities that can be made out of materials most households would have in their cupboards or recycling bins.

Getting Started

For each activity:

  • Download the resources and follow the instructions as you create your very own artwork!
  • Watch the video (where applicable) to learn more about the artists and their work.
  • Share your creations with us on Facebook and Instagram at @themacmuseum.

Activity 1 - Ocean Critter

Resource - MAC Art Space Ocean Critter(PDF, 208KB)

Video - First Class 19 - Natasha Wilson

Activity 2 - What is a Giraffe?

Resource - What is a Giraffe?(PDF, 7MB)

Video - First Class 19 - Brad McKinnon

Activity 3 - Patterns and Stories with String

Resource - String Activity(PDF, 5MB)

Video - First Class 19 - Nicholas Wilson

Activity 4 - Time Travel Compass

Resource - Time Travel Compass(PDF, 4MB)

Video - First Class 19 - Sophie McSporran

Activity 5 - Octopus

Resource - Octopus(PDF, 711KB)

Video - First Class 19 - Kaylyn Fairhurst

Activity 6 - Family Connections

Resource - Family Connections(PDF, 2MB)

Activity 7 - Trippin'

Resource - Trippin'(PDF, 9MB)

Activity 8 - Belljar

Resource - Belljar(PDF, 6MB)